Saturday, January 24, 2015

Friday With Friends.

Yesterday was super fun. It was day two of our five day weekend and so we thought to take a trip into Orange to spend our fine day off in. Whitney also had a vlog channel and wanted to do an outfit post and so Jordan and I were most happy to oblige. Any excuse to get out and about!

And the sun came out and shone its stuff, we dipped in and out of various eclectic shops, and spent the day laughing in each other's company.

Only attention my booty be getting.. By a wall. 

Lunch at Lucca!

Naturally we managed to score some goodies..

What I wore: mint NORDSTROM sunnies, JUNE & HUDSON mountain tee (Nordstrom Rack), high waisted red ALEXANDER WANG shorts (used), gold vintage bracelets (used), tan COACH crossbody bag (used), and light pink FERGIE booties (used). 

Saving Mr. Penguin.

I recently watched Saving Mr. Banks and as is the case with most movies, I got emotional.

It was like my childhood was rolled into this captivating film with all of these inner stories, all of these unexpected personal conflicts.

What I've gathered is this: we never know what other people are going through, or what they've been through. Really, each person has stories, and we sometimes make judgments without really understanding first. This is especially so in P.L. Travers's character, for she was such a sad woman. Maybe the next time some woman shoves you in the store, consider it from her point of view. Maybe her cat died that morning, or maybe she grew up with a childhood similar to that of Travers.

I also want to mention the driver in the film. When it came time for the reason why he loved the California sun... that just stole my heart away.

Such a touching film. And yes, maybe there were discrepancies between how Travers actually acted during the time in which Disney was putting the Marry Poppins film together, but the movie was good, nonetheless.

And so I have decided to bring back some of the animated dancing penguins, something that Travers most certainly did not like. ;)

What I wore: vintage flower earrings (used), hand made black bow tie (used), blue penguin MAEVE blouse (used), yellow CAbi skirt, and navy VINCE CAMUTO loafers (used). 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday- Fourth Annual Mad Men Party.

I've been waiting in anticipation for this post. It has been gnawing on my insides like my soul craves for coffee every morning. It's been that powerful!

It has come to the attention that this year marks the fourth annual Mad Men party, hosted by a good friend. Now I have only been to one of these before, but the first one had some swell memories indeed and so I was more than excited to be invited for round two!

Let's just say that if I could attend parties all through college, this one would satisfy. Just one, that's how lovely it is. And yes, maybe I'm in a roomful of older women (not old, just older than myself), and maybe we're dressed like we just walked out of the 1960's Mad Men show itself, but that, to me, is all I need.

Where to begin on this exceptional night? Do I start with the ciggys? The cocktails? The dressed up women in high spirits? Perhaps the exact 1960's styled house in which we partied? The beginning, we shall start there.

It was instantaneous- the minute I stepped into our host's beautiful home, I felt like I had literally stepped back in time. I don't know how she does it, but she has the gift of decorating, cause I honest to goodness felt like I was living some 50+ years ago. There were alcohol trolley's, boxes of cigarettes, food and desserts plated on antique china, there was old music playing softly, people gussied up in their 1960's finest, and even a photo booth for memorable photos. I was in absolute heaven.

I had the most wonderful of evenings and the reason that I chose to wait on this particular post, was because I had admittedly never seen Mad Men before, which was bizarre. Not anymore, however! The FIDM library kindly let me rent season one of Mad Men and I have been hooked on it ever since, watching even 3+ episodes per day, it's that good. How I ever missed out on this before is beyond me. Now I get so much stuff- the amount of cigarettes at her house (man, they smoked loads back then!), and of course, the booze.

Now I know my stuff! Anyhow, being a part of this dazzling party has now hooked me onto Mad Men, which has now hooked me on my love of vintage even more. More glamorous, in my opinion.

"Only boring people are bored."

After browsing through the incredibly put together Heidi home,...

...For food, obviously. And drinks.

Dessert: obviously the most important part of any meal.

There I am, with my hands stuck in the cookie jar again!

There is something glamorous about 1960's smoking.. I don't know what it is. But rest be assured that I'm not actually smoking! I'm merely pretending. 

I could fit right into Sterling Cooper's office, perhaps as Don Draper's secretary?

One simply has to have the proper accessories for a successful night at the party..

Now time for the photo booth!

Our host Heidi, and the lovely photographer, Amanda. 

Some lovely guests..

Mom wasn't too keen at first to let me give a fake smoke a try because...

I had way too much fun with the cigarette. 

p.s. I think my socks simply tied up the whole look perfectly ;)

What a swell evening.