Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Little Things on a Rainy Day.

As the rain let itself well known yesterday, I had time to discover some of the few things I love about rainy days. 

It's all about attitude. Learn to dance in the rain. It's about taking something seemingly dreary, and finding the sunny side. 

My first rain brightener was coffee. What else? I work in a coffee shop and there's just something so cozy about being inside when the rain falls.. Espresso machine humming and the low din of chatter amongst happy customers. It's the perfect place to be. 

Outfit of the day today was worn in hopes of blue sky and sunshine. And guess what? We got it! 

And just to be clear, because this is a vintage dress, it has darts in the bubby area. Bras back then were pointed and so dresses matched.  It's not nips! 

What I wore: vintage rhinestone earrings (used), vintage 1969's royal blue dress (used), and black HUNTER rain boots (used). 

Second favorite place to be in on a rainy day is in the bathtub. And I'm talking about full spa treatment here: candles, bubbles, some Frank Sinatra, and of course, wine. 

Snuggles in bubbles definitely relieve all my troubles...

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Song for Sunday- Unbreakable Smile.

I was innocently scrolling through my Insta the other day when I came across an Ed post on a collab that he did with California artist Tori Kelly. 

Now I did a song for Sunday a while back with one of my fave Tori songs called Dear No One and was instantly intrigued to hear this new one I Was Made For Loving You. 

It was fabulous, as I expected nothing less, so I decided to give her new album a listen. 

My oh my is it good. 

And being on the subject of girl power and self confidence, there came a song on there that instantly struck a chord with me called Unbreakable Smile. 

Man, just the name itself got me hooked. What a mantra. 

Besides Tori having an absolute power voice, her lyrics speak truth and that is something rare and real that you don't always get to hear in the music industry. Too much nowadays is about graphic sex and getting drunk, or dumb stuff with no relevance. Course, I'm a sucker just like the next one for a jam session to songs like I Don't Mind and Post to Be but I still think there's always room for songs with substance and depth. 

Literally there are so many power lines in this song, and it's so catchy and uplifting. Great job Tori! 

"But baby who knows maybe I can sell out shows without taking off my clothes,
God made me sexy and I don't care if only I know.."

Single, yet Strong.

I have really been into female empowerment as of late. I think it all began with work the other day. My friend Caroline and I were bonding over our love for Meghan Trainor and we got on the subject of female bosses. 

Trainor is a boss. All of her music has to do with confidence and strength and knowing what you want. And I know there's a movement towards independent, powerful women who aren't afraid to be single, but I still think there's a shortage of women in the world who aren't afraid to be single, who aren't afraid to be comfortable and strong in their skin. And Trainor oozes strong sexiness and belief in who she is as a woman. 

And as we were talking, Caroline showed me this quote one of her friends had given her and I just have to share it with you because Isi think it's so relevant and powerful. 

"Dear woman,
Sometimes, you'll just be too much woman. 
Too smart. Too beautiful. Too strong. Too much of something. 
That makes a man feel like less of a man. 
Which will start making you feel like less of a woman. 
The biggest mistake you can make is removing jewels from your crown to make it easier for a man to carry. 
When this happens, I need you to understand:
You do not need a smaller crown- 
You need a man with bigger hands." 

Gosh that is so true. Working at Kaladis for only a couple days, I have noticed a pattern with young people here. They marry early. They graduate high school and they settle down. But they settle because they don't know what's out there. They don't know that they were made for extraordinary things and that this time is for exploration and having fun and experimenting and making mistakes and learning from them. 

Now not everyone who marries young here is like that. And I'm not promoting singleness cause I'm a true sappy romantic at heart and I yearn for the day in which I date the right guy. I'm just encouraging confidence in whoever you are- single or taken. You do not need a man for the sake of needing a man. Wait. Be patient. Discover your strengths and purpose. Know what you want in life and never settle for less than what you deserve. 

What I wore: birdy earrings, mint peasant top (Used), CAbi skinny jeans, and brown MIZ MOOZ boots. 

Friday, June 26, 2015


Aloha. A Hawaiian meaning for both hello and goodbye. 

Kind of fitting considering this month.

I've finally left the Californian life and have returned to the land of my people up in Alaska. So, hello Alaska, goodbye California. 

Now before you attack me with exclamations of where the monkey have you been? let me just explain. Firstly, the whole moving process out of my apartment into storage took up quite some time. The arrival of my sister and mum also took up time my last week and school, and since coming to Alaska, I am fully reminded of the limited (ok, zero) internet connection at my house, most especially in my room. 

And I know it's no excuse for not posting, but trust me, I've not enjoyed doing this!

But I'm back. And to recap what all has happened, I'll catch up with some bits and leave it on the present. 

Here, Whit and I strike a pose to celebrate our last Monday class..

It had been awhile since I had seen my sister, but I never anticipated for her to grow that much! Or is it the shoes?

Dinner with the girls at our favourite Italian spot in the Circle..

And as homage to my blog, I'm wearing cashmere and enjoying a con panna!

Did I also mention we visited Disneyland?

This picture is life. I look absolutely terrifying (as well as extremely tan), my mom is behind me (presumably choking on my hair), and Shebs is as white as a ghost, but evidently having fun. 

Lunch in the Blue Bayou. I had only been waiting ages to dine here!

Can I just tell you about my experience with the Avengers? So you know Disney bought Marvel, yes? Well, they now have those characters roaming round Disneyland and I about just melted into a puddle of estrogen when it was my turn to meet this handsome cap. "We need more female Avengers like you." And the height. And his side smirk. How could I girl not get weak kneed?

Ah yes. The trio poses with some of our two favourite teachers- Mr. Foat and Barbara. 

The end of Foat's speech class could not have been more emotional. This is a list of all those present in his destiny class. What an honor to be a part. 

And since coming home, I have been most preoccupied with my one, my only, Fudge. 

So many cat pictures, but how could I not?

And work! I'm back at Kaladi Brothers Coffee and I could not be more excited. It feels incredible to be home, and working! But really, is it work?

Second day back and I'm already double pouring it on the lattes...

Oh. And should I also mention the warm welcome I got from my home state. When I say warm, I reference the multiple forest fires currently blazing, for weather here has been most unusual and warm. 

So grateful to be home at last. 

See? I'm even donning the proper Hawaiian attire!

Fudge couldn't stand the sight of leaving me outdoors alone. She missed me already!

What I wore: vintage hot pink sea horse tank (used), neon yellow/green ASOS midi skirt (used), and lime green pointy toed pumps (used).