Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Sunday.

As you all might be aware, today was Superbowl Sunday.


I mean, yes, it's exciting, and yes, downtown San Francisco has been an absolute zoo because the Santa Clara Superbowl 50 Levi's Stadium is right around the corner, but in all honesty, I wasn't altogether particularly excited about watching it.

I guess my friends were in the same boat because as I was anticipating another Sunday in, I was invited for a picnic over at the lovely Delores Park down in the Mission. Not only did I eagerly agree, but when I woke this morning, it was to clear blue skies and the promise of seventy degree weather. In February?! I'll take that any day!

So my super Sunday did not, in fact, include any football. It did, however, include company with friends, time spent outdoors, and the lovely accompaniment of wine and snacks.

First, can we talk about how beautiful this house is?

Delores Park, everyone..

Hostess of the hour, the delightful Deandra!

We got Moscato, burritos, chips 'n salsa, and champagne gummy bears?

And to top it off- hooch for the coffee!

What a day indeed!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Booking It.

Ok, February must be the month for me.

It's just the third day of the month and yet I have started the month strong and glowing.

No seriously, people have commented that I've been "glowing."

Anyhow, today was an exceptionally fine and ordinary day. My walk to and from school involved naturally contagious smiles and giggles at how happy and full of life I was. I was literally that girl that's smiling for no reason and is simply happy to be alive.

I'm also so into the now. I can't explain it, but I've been so present and comfortable with myself, completely absorbed in what's currently happening and incredibly sure of myself. I can't figure it out, but whatever it is, I need to keep this up everyday!

Speaking of the now, we were in class today (Contemporary Business Strategies) and we had a project on sustainability. I researched and studied Levi's and after hearing all of the presentations and talking about it, I found that I'm a contributor to the whole "saving the planet" reality, without even realizing it! Looking down at my silk Heremes top (given to me by my mom who got it from a consignment store), I realized that buying second hand clothing is recycling, reusing, and it's repurposing something that would otherwise live out its days in a landfill (although Lord never this Hermes top).

There's a really big movement towards companies practicing eco-sustainability. And it's not just an edge that gets you ahead in the market, I think it's becoming a concept that all companies follow. If we don't take care of our planet, if we don't recycle, cut down on water/energy usage, our planet will no longer be what it is.

It's cool to know that I'm practicing these concepts. Who knew that saving the planet and looking stylish could go hand in hand?

On the ironic hand, I was in the library today for my OOTD photoshoot and this fellow student comes up and mistakenly takes me as being the librarian. Giggling, I told him where to set the stack and then told him to book it.

Get it? Book it.

Also found my autobiography. Or Elon Musk's. Same thing.

Just check out this Hermes book!

What I wore: gold fortune cookie earrings (consignment), 100% silk Hermes top (my mom's), black Worthington high-waisted skirt (consignment), and black Miss Bisou pumps (consignment).

Monday, February 1, 2016

She Leaves a Little Sparkle..

It's hard not to get inspired when you wake up in a good mood.

In the same breath, it's even harder not to get inspired when your walk consists of walking past window displays such as these...

And then walking into this building for school..

Although it's only February (wait. already?!), I'm already feeling excited for spring/summer. Thanks, retail, for that one! But I also know that I need to enjoy each day as it comes, and so with that in mind, I brought my own wintry version of my summer feels out today.

And my friend Angelina, unbeknownst to me, was feeling the same way, for we both matched in pink and green hues. I guess the thing to look forward to this month is Valentines day and all the pink femininity and love surrounding...

Sounds like a plan to me!

Kate Spade everything for Angelina!

For me: it's all about the details..

And she leaves a little sparkle, wherever she goes..

How darling?

What I wore: black suede Tory Burch low pumps (Nordstrom Rack), black Kate Spade tights with colorful rhinestones (Christmas gift), green Halogen skirt, pink Gap sweater (consignment), black Banana Republic bobble necklace (sale), and black Tom Ford sunglasses (consignment).

Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Argonaut Explores..

It's been how many months now that I've lived here? Nearly four. And all this while, I've been living inside the comfortable bubble that is FIDM, Ted Baker, Safeway, and my hovel.

Well. I was reading, as I've recently begun a detox from social media and tv, and the book dates back to early 1850's gold rush here in San Francisco. Pairing that with the Walking San Francisco tour book that was so kindly given to me, I've come to realize that I live in a pretty wicked city, one that's rich and full of history.

More importantly- exploring.

San Francisco was founded by the explosion of gold discovery in 1848, shortly after the discovery of gold in Sutter Creek in Coloma, CA. From then on, San Francisco became a haven for gold thirsty Argonauts: Europeans, Americans, Russians, Mexicans, Chileans, Peruvians, Austrailians, and the Chinse. All hitched with gold fever, San Francisco boomed as a culturally diverse city.

It continues to be this day. Where I live, I'm on the cusp of North Beach (Italians), Chinatown (Chinese), and then the Financial District (Americans? Mix?) What I love about San Francisco is its metlting pot of diversity as well as the rich history that brings all of these cultures together from the start- gold.

Today, I had the day off, which is a rare one from me. And with Bilbo Baggins in my head, I thought to myself "Today, I'm going to go on an adventure!" Not wanting to go by myself at first, I reached out to my friends, but had no success. Oh well, the company of oneself is company enough!

And after a delightful breakfast out, away I went...

It's not a successful day without coffee, as I will preach always!

To begin, I walked up the steps of Peter Macchianrini..

Up the stairs and to the right, you'll arrive at this view..

For the long walk ahead, I plugged in my tunes (Passenger being a favorite for days of exploring) and began the journey..

First stop: Coit Tower. See it up there in the distance?

This may look familiar, for last month, I journeyed up here with some friends after The Nutcracker. Much different when there's daylight and no rain!

At the top of the monstrous hill (and some heavy breathing), I finally got to see what all this fuss was about: the view.

Coit Tower: "San Francisco's Legendary Little Hitchcock Colt died in 1929. Bequeathing one-third of her estate "for the purpose of adding beauty to the city I have always loved." On Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower was built during the Great Depression and dedicated in 1933.."

After riding an elevator some 210 feet up (on an 83 yr old OTIS), we were able to see the sights, a little better this time..

See that tall spiky one there? I live just a block from there...


Classic selfie. 

Nestled at the top of Telegraph Hill, I encourage all who visit San Francisco to take part in Coit Tower. And don't be the guy who drives there. Take the hike: it's much too beautiful to pass up; plus, it's rewarding to get to the top of the tower.

I do, I do, I do!

Just at the bottom of the staircase, you'll come to Levi's Plaza, where one can peruse through the historic Levi Vault and learn all about the history of the jean. Tying back into the gold story earlier, aren't I?

I should get these for Jack..

A short walk along the water and you'll soon come to Pier 39- Fisherman's Wharf.

I myself made a beeline straight for the historic Buena Vista, home of the original (and best) Irish Coffee. 

I then popped over to Ghirardelli Square for my complimentary square of chocolate.

I also found this delightful book on sale that was perfect for my adventure.

Returning right to the place where I first started...

I also made my new years deadline for San Francisco- see something new every month. Cheers to January!