Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Games of Thrones Style.

Ok, so maybe one of the reasons why I have neglected to post any style posts (or any other posts, for that matter) in the last week or two could probably be due to my new obsession. 

Any guesses?

Game of Thrones, ladies and gents, kings and peasants alike. I have been completely consumed by Game of Thrones. Ever since my friend Whitney suggested taking the time to watch an episode, I have been a hermit in my room, eating, drinking, and living by Game of Thrones. 

And I know I'm way behind on that bandwagon! I'm from Alaska, what can I say? 

Anyhow, the show is absolute magic, simply brilliance at its best. I have not been able to stop watching episode after episode, it keeps me coming back for more. It's bloody, mind you, and graphic as graphic can get, but it's proper fantastic watching. I highly recommend it if you don't have a weak stomach and don't mind horse head chopping (at that, I HAD to look away- I told you, it's graphic) and lots and lots of sex. 

That being said, my style has taken a slight turn. Now whilst I don't have any outfits that directly pertain to said queens or Mother of Dragons (don't I wish), I do have a style compass that has been pointing itself towards Winterfell (home of one of my favorite characters, as well as most attractive, Robb Stark). 

What tv shows have you in a turmoil and current obsession?

Jordan here decided to take part as the poor stabbed victim in a fight, although she looks quite grand for someone wounded!

Whitney here has on a cutthroat Game of Thrones esque top.. the new queen perhaps?

Wouldn't want to mess with these ladies on the battlefield now, would we?

I chose to go for the more innocent look...

... Until I turn around and then I become this bad arse warrior with a proper Dothraki braid, very a la Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons, one of my favorite female characters (alongside the 6 ft 4'' gal- us tall peeps gotta stick together). 

What I wore: white FRENCHI blazer (used), light blue PURE SUGAR peplum top (used), rhinestone blue necklace (used), high waisted brown vintage skirt (used), and tan t-strap MIZ MOOZ pumps (used). 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Song For Sunday- Just Skin (playlist).

Ok, so I've been really enjoying the Just Skin playlist on Songza as of late. According to their description, Just Skin is an eclectic mix of slow and sultry songs to set the mood for intimate moments. 

Now you might be curious: Elan... is there something you want to tell us?

Alas, I'm still single! Way to fool you, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy these songs by them self. They're really quite good for background music- very chill and sensuous.

So it's really hard to pick exactly one song from said playlist to share with you today, so I just chose to pick the playlist and then share some of my new favourites (as well as old classics) that I've fell in love with.

To start- we have your basic 50 Shades of Grey choices. Although I haven't seen the film, I much enjoy the soundtrack (and have in fact ordered it online.. hehe), and these three songs are killin' it on the playlist. We have Earned It (one I've actually already talked about and love), Haunted (Beyonce is an absolute boss), and Love Me Like You Do (Ellie Goulding) . All just great in this playlist.

A couple of new ones that I have discovered include: Menswear (The 1975), Tessellate (Ellie Goulding cover of Alt-J), Glory Box (Portishead), and Passenger (Royal).

Combined with loads more, they make for a perfect playlist, definitely for intimate moments, but also good if you're single like moi.

Enjoy these beauts!

Disney Delights.

Ok, so I have this fabulous friend. Her name is Francesca and she is a hoot. She also happens to work at Disneyland and it was just by chance that we came upon a spontaneous afternoon trip last Wednesday!

Whitney and I were talking about one of our fave YouTubers currently being there (the lovely Will Darbyshire) and Fran was like "let's go!"

And so we went. 

There's nothing like spontaneous trips like that. We were prolly there under three hours and yet we rode more rides than we prolly would've on any weekend day! And I love Disneyland, I really do. I'm a fan of theme parks in general, screaming as loud as I can on the rides, clapping ecstatically before we enter the twists and turns of Thunder Mountain, hair blowing in the wind, water pooling at my eyes, the feeling of youth flowing through my veins.. and let's not forget the company of some of my dearest friends! 

So that was Wednesday. We also went just yesterday, although we were unfortunately blocked out of Disneyland, due to cast member blocking that day. But good thing we have California Adventure to wander in! We made use of our time- waiting in line playing games, cherishing the few minutes we have on each ride, consuming whopping amounts of theme park food (my favorite being the iced caramel freeze at Ghirardelli), and being young and free. 

It truly turned out to be some fine days at Disney. 

The faces of terror at the Hollywood Tower Hotel!

Saturday.. what a day!

These girls are big on their selfies~

'Ere we go..

Comfort outfit of choice: salmon PINK tee (used), used Forest Service striped top (used), mint BURBERRY jacket (used), misc. leggings, and salmon NIKE trainers with cheetah print (Nordstrom Rack mega sale). 

By far the scariest ride.. the caterpillar train. 

On to the swings in food boxes. We're in Bug's Life Land, just so you're not completely confused. 

Typical me... on a solo ride having a laugh with my imaginary boyfriend. #singleprobs

The girls were most unhappy when the short ride came to a halt.

Bumper cars! Bring it, Whit.

The swings- ultimately one of my favourite rides ever. 

After pics of them, they got some pics of me. Cheese!

Found two proper looking Disney characters on my waltz to the pier..

We called it a night and went to find ourselves a room at...

For dinner, we somehow got reservations at the uber fancy Carthay Circle restaurant. All of us managed to find something delicious for dinner and we proceeded to have a most lovely ending meal.

To begin, rose petal soda..

Cheers to friendship!

I myself sprung for two starters so I could taste two different meals. I began with a seasonal soup that had.. some delicious treats.

I then had some ginger thai steamed pot stickers. The bomb! 
If there's one thing I enjoy making for dinner, it's reservations, especially at a fine dining restaurant. 

Well, after our tummies had been stuffed most satisfyingly, we ducked out of the rain at the nearest hotel for a place to rest our heads for the night...

Just kidding! But I sure wish we could've stayed here.